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The Attunement

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The Attunement ...a novel by Gary B. Haley.

What if you realized that you had the ability to truly make a difference? What if you developed the means to manipulate or kill some of the worst people society has to offer? And what if you knew that it would be impossible for anyone to prove you were responsible? How far would you go?

The Attunement is about a man who becomes attuned to the fact that he has such abilities. As he embarks upon on a crusade that closely resembles crime-fighting, drug dealers and weapons traffickers soon start turning up dead all over New York City. He seizes large sums of money from hardened criminals and uses it to take out gangs and illegal drug networks. Some of the risky and dangerous situations he gets himself into, however, do not leave him unscathed.

Knowing that he could do even more if he had access to the type of information typically amassed by law enforcement agencies, he jeopardizes his anonymity by making contact with someone who is trying hard to put him in prison. The cautious partnership they forge could easily evolve into something more personal as she provides him with good information about bad people. Together they inflict enough damage to significantly impede the heavy flow of illegal drugs into America and soon begin working on a plan to refocus their efforts to take out entire terrorist organizations...

What would YOU do if you had the ability to truly make a difference?

The Attunement ...a novel by Gary B. Haley. 2013, all rights reserved.