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The Attunement

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What is The Attunement, anyway?

In the name of the novel, the word "Attunement" refers to the main character learning to use a new ability he has discovered. In the storyline of the novel, however, it is intended to represent that part of America�s defense budget that is occasionally referred to as the "black hole."

This novel is many things, including something of a memoir on the war on drugs and terrorism in the '80s and early '90s, a mini-sequel to The Scrapbook Lecture, an elaborate "What if..." scenario, and a long-overdue goodbye to a close friend. Comprehensively, the novel is a detailed metaphor for something else. I�m interested in finding out if anyone else is able to determine the subject of that metaphor. Your first hint: It is something that nearly everyone experiences.

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The Attunement ...a novel by Gary B. Haley. � 2013, all rights reserved.