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The Attunement

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About the Author

Gary B. Haley began life in a military family that frequently moved from one air force base to another. The first few years of Haley's life were spent in cities like Denver, Kansas City and Detroit, but finally, in the late '60s, the young family happily found their way back home to Fort Worth, Texas. It was there that Haley grew up with his brothers very near Carswell Air Force Base. This meant that they often had to tolerate the thunderous, deafening roar of huge B-52 bombers lumbering overhead a mere four or five thousand feet. At first, the brothers tried to shout over the noise, but even the rowdy football games being played in the street came to a halt until the plane was far enough away for everyone to hear the shouted warning, "Car!" There was little else to do but plug your ears and wait, and maybe watch the plane.

Such an environment seems to sever much of the day into twenty- or thirty-minute tolerable fragments, still, when Haley wasn't playing football or riding his bike, he was probably reading. At some point, The Beatles' hit, Paperback Writer, inspired him to start writing at a very young age, despite the harsh, thunderous roars of the B-52s.

A break from that relentless chaos came with a move to a waterfront home on a quiet cove of a nearby lake, where Haley finished high school. But despite the more enjoyable lifestyle of country living, Haley ultimately moved back to Fort Worth to accept a defense industry job on the air force base, where F-16s had taken the place of B-52s. Soon afterwards, however, he found himself a single parent, but did his best to meet the challenges of trying to raise two daughters while working full time, ghost writing part time, and finishing his software engineering degree.

His daughters have long since grown up and, between them, have three bright kids of their own. Haley moved to Denver in 2005 where he married a brilliant doctor, works as a software engineer, and spends some of his free time writing in some of his favorite Rocky Mountain hideaways.

The Attunement ...a novel by Gary B. Haley. 2013, all rights reserved.