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The Attunement

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Esoterica - A Website Exclusive

What is The Attunement, anyway?

In the name of the novel, the word "Attunement" refers to the main character learning to use a new ability he has discovered. In the storyline of the novel, however, it is intended to represent that part of Americaís defense budget that is occasionally referred to as the "black hole."

This novel is many things, including something of a memoir on the war on drugs and terrorism in the '80s and early '90s, a mini-sequel to The Scrapbook Lecture, an elaborate "What if..." scenario, and a long-overdue goodbye to a close friend. Comprehensively, the novel is a detailed metaphor for something else. Iím interested in finding out if anyone else is able to determine the subject of that metaphor. Your first hint: It is something that nearly everyone experiences.

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The Attunement ...a novel by Gary B. Haley. © 2013, all rights reserved.